Time Attendance and Performance management Software

We at ILMATS develops software with our in-house team to offer new and better value adding solutions to our client.

With our “smart phone” enabled biometric based attendance software. We look forward to taking things to a next level.

Now, track the working hours of your outdoor employees without any hassle of attendance machine.

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We just don’t track the device or individual, we provide a platform for complete information exchange and working hours.

In simple words, “We define proportionality between working hours and productivity of your employees to analyze the scalability of your organization in whole”.

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Simple & User Friendly User Interface

  • Easy to view, feed inputs and manage information.
  • No data overlapping or complex operations
  • User oriented approach.

Geo-Location Tagging

  • Genuinely locate the user with his/her biometric authentication. No GPS or device tracking is required.
  • Geographical co-ordinates of the user are recorded at the time of login and logout.
  • Pre-defining geo location function can also be used for visits pre-scheduling.
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User Information

  • Employee’s personal information can be uploaded like Aadhaar card, residence permit, passport details etc.
  • Employee’s professional information like Department, designation, years of seniority and educational background.
  • All the credentials can be updated at any course of time.
  • Employees can be categorized into different segments, outdoor, indoor designation line, and hierarchy.

Working Hours

  • Log-in & Log-out timings.
  • Late entries/ Early exits/ Overtime is highlighted.
  • Total working hours report in a day/week/month are generated.
  • Formulas for compensation of absentees/ less man hours/ lack of punctuality can be implemented.
  • Fully automated process without the need of human interruption.
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Holidays and week offs can be excluded.

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  • Notifications can be generated to the employees for late entry, compensation will be applied automatically in case of exceeding the limits of acceptance.
  • In case of sick or medical leave, user can update the reason along with the supporting medical leave letter (Scanned) within the software.
  • Same will be shared with the reporting authorities and approval/ disapproval will be notified.
  • Other notifications, such as reminder to logout, schedules and activity reports can be notified.

User’s Dashboard

Employees Dashboard:

  • Employee can view the attendance record, late entries/exits, working hours, shifts.
  • Update personal & professional information (which shall be approved from authorities).
  • Can check casual leaves/ compensations (In case).
  • Performance graph, reports and can also do self-assessment.
  • Check for any error and suggest rectification.
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Authorized Dashboard:

  • View attendance reports of employees.
  • Manage approvals, raise special notifications.
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Employees Performance Graph

Employees performance graph is one of the exciting and highly implementable features for our Clients.

  • Pre-scheduling of Task/ Activities/ Deliverables can be done.
  • Daily updating or simple marking can be done.
  • Employee’s performance can be analyzed by creating proportionality between inputs hours vs task completed.
  • All the reports can be reviewed and approved by the concern authority.