Boom Barriers & Entrance Control

We offer entrance control solutions for varied locations like check post, gated entry/exit points, authorized area entrances, private entries, gated communities etc.

We can combine the vehicle barriers to any or multiple authentication options like RFID tags, UHD tags, Card swiping, finger print and face recognition technologies, to offer a comprehensive and robust solution.

Creating loop near the barrier and actuating the mechanism automatically. Eliminating the extra efforts and possible errors by human intervention.

Boom Barriers for Vehicle in hyderabad
Turnlist & Entrance Control in Hyderabad


Turnstiles can be placed at public places where temporary authentication is required. Can also be used for visitors, temporary staff, vendors, and their team to enter the office locations for a period of time.

All the mechanical equipment and electronic units comes with proper weather protection IP65 rating, rust & corrosion resistant, reliable steel material.