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We at ILMATS are energetic and fully enthusiastic individuals, Teamed up with common objective to achieve high level of customer satisfaction. Aiming to provide competitive offerings, both technically and commercially.

Our core values include implementation of lean six sigma principles in our business practices to efficiently execute our work.

We strive for continuous improvement and optimization of our products and services.

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Upskilling capabilities of employees, partnering with reputed product manufacturers and having systematic approach is what we call our business USP.

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CCTV Surveillance

AHD, IP, DOME, BULLET, PTZ, INDOOR/OUTDOOR, EYE BALL, NETWORK BASED camera, CCTV management software, Hidden Cameras.

Time Attendance/ Access Control

Biometric Time Attendance, finger print time attendance, RFID cards, Face recognition Machines, payroll integration, HRMS

Boom Barriers & Entrance control

Vehicle boom barriers, crash barriers, UHD Tags, RFID tags, Loop detector, finger print & card based turnstiles, IOT software.

Commissioning Expertise

CCTV installation works, Biometric machine installation, system integration, centralizing, cable laying, fiber optics, Network topology, cable scheduling, video room setup, IP configuration.

AMC & Resource Deployment

Maintenance contracts, onsite support, services of CCTV, Biometric devices, and other security products, round the year service, remote monitoring, full time resource deputation.

Software Module

Time attendance software, total working hours management, employees management, geo-location, work prescheduling, employees performance.

Training, Research & Development

CCTV product training, fiber optics, IP technology, Networking, professional installation works.

Home Automation

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An IP camera is a video camera that is networked over a Fast Ethernet connection.The IP camera sends its signals to the main server or computer screen via an Internet or network link.It is mostly used in IP surveillance, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and digital videography.IP cameras are widely replacing analog cameras due to their digital zoom and remote surveillance options over the Internet. An IP camera is also known as a network camera.
When choosing security cameras for your home or business, you’ll notice a lot of talk about the differences between analogue cameras and IP cameras. Both types of cameras work well in either personal or business security scenarios. Whether an analogue or IP camera is best for you depends upon your individual security needs, so I’m going to list some differences between the two to help you decide on your security camera.
Technology leaders are rapidly responding to the looming challenge of 4K video both by embracing new production methods and by validating compatibility with existing workflows. This validation needs to cover all aspects of the production process, including capture, compression, conversion, storage and delivery. Although most broadcasters today view 4K as an issue to be addressed in the future, some forward-looking groups recognize that the technology is starting to have an impact on current engineering prac-tices. Much of today’s 4K testing is being done on prototype or “first-article” system elements, but the results are already provid-ing valuable input to help guide important business decisions for future generations of services. As new 4K systems and products reach the market, video quality testing and evaluation will continue to be important, both for processing technology performance benchmarks as well as vendor selection.
There are many CCTV camera brands in India, Here is the list of Best CCTV Camera Brands.
  • Timelon System
  • Hikvision
  • CP Plus
  • Zicom
  • Sony
  • Samsung and more
For a Camera selection, there are 4 things to be kept in mind.They are Location – Whether the camera is used for indoor or outdoor purpose is very important to consider before selecting a camera.If the camera is used for outdoor purpose then it is very important to ensure that the camera is appropriate for the environmental conditions that are likely to be encountered such as rain,snow,sun-glare,low light etc. Light levels – For an effective security system it is very important to choose the right camera based on the amount of available light. Colors – The Black and White or Day Night Cameras is also to be considered before selecting a camera.At lower light a Black and White cameras provide better image quality than color ones and are usually cheaper than color ones. Wired or Wireless Camera – Wired or Wireless CCTV cameras are also to be considered while selecting a camera.A wireless camera is easier to install when compared to wire one.
System Integration is the process of integrating all the physical and virtual components of an organisation’s system.The physical components consist of the various machine systems,computer hardware,inventory, etc.The virtual components consists of data stored in databases,software and applications.The process pf integrating all these components,so that act like a single system,is the main focus of system integration.